Conference on Inclusion

Special Interest Groups

The event includes workshop sessions (Special Interest Groups / SIG´s) and plenum sessions with all participants.
Workshop sessions will be introduced by Input presentations and aim to engage researchers to interact in intense discussions to develop concrete and collaborative ideas for research projects.

Existing workshop topics are e.g.

  • Curriculum and Instruction for Incarcerated Youth: A Systematic Literature Review and Implications for Curriculum Development (by Allie Attinger, Celine Mudahakana, Alexandra Wolf & Michael Krezmien)
  • Dynamic Testing in Inclusive Education (by Moritz Börnert-Ringleb & Jürgen Wilbert)
  • Reforming Inclusive and Special Education: Implications for Educating Students with Learning and Behavior Disorders (by Mack D. Burke, Ellen Duchaine, Matthias Grünke, Marion Felder, James Kauffman, Dimitris Anastasiou, João Lopes, Bernd Ahrbeck, Andrew Wiley, Hannu Savolainen)
  • Next Steps: How to respond to reform efforts to imagine and reimagine special and inclusive education? (by Matthias Grünke, Mack D. Burke, Marion Felder, Hannu Savolainen, Ellen L. Duchaine, Richard T. Boon & Lisa Bowman-Perrott)
  • Implementation and evaluation of Trauma-Informed Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) (by Friedrich Linderkamp & Gino Casale)

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